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Luscious Palm Leaves

Inner Masculine &
Inner Feminine Workshop Series

With Chris Vogel & Kartika Alexandra

All About Me

This workshop series will introduce you to the two fundamental internal energies we all carry within us: Our Inner Man & our Inner Woman.

Regardless of whether we are female or male, we possess these two parts of ourselves.  We interact with the entire world through these two parts - whether we are parents, CEOs, doctors, students, lovers, or friends.

Rarely are we taught, however, how to work with these two parts of ourselves in a way that will support, nourish and allow us to thrive.  Many times, we are unconsciously overly connected to one or another which creates internal, mental, emotional & physical tensions.  These inevitably impact our relationship to ourselves, to others, and how we show up in life.


Most of the time, bringing them back into balance is what nearly all therapy and healing work is focused on.  Chris and Kartika will bring you the knowledge, exercises, tools, and hypnosis journeys to help you get to know, to connect, and to rebalance your inner man and woman so that you may feel empowered and more vitality in your life.





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