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About Maja Healing

The Story:

Maja Healing is a holistic wellness space that houses several healer/therapists.  Each healer/therapist that practices at Maja Healing specializes in a modality that works through one of the elements of human - body, energy, or mind.  


Founded in 2017 by Kartika Alexandra,

Maja Healing was meant to simply be the new practicing space for Kartika's hypnotherapy work.  After immediately knowing it would be "the" healing, she began renovations of the entire space and opened it a month after renovations. 

Over the months, the space grew in energy, and it began to attract healers and therapists who inquired whether they was a space for them to practice their work there. It is from here that Maja Healing organically grew into a holistic wellness space, now with a waitlist of healers/therapists who wish to work at Maja!

Meaning of Maja Healing:

The name "Maja" in Maja Healing comes from the name of the tree in the back garden.  This tree, known as the Maja tree, was the only plant that came with the office (see the pictures below).  The Maja tree bears fruits similar to the look of a pomelo, though the Maja fruits are very bitter to taste.  It was only after having signed the lease did Kartika discover through one of her teachers and her own research that the Maja Tree not only has healing properties but also has a significant presence in Indonesian history during the Majapahit empire, a time also personally relevant to Kartika.

The healers:

As shared above, the healers & therapists have all joined the Maja team because of their own personal attraction to the space. The healers/therapist that are part of the Maja team all specialized in their own unique form of treatments and healings through one of the elements that make up a human - body, mind, or energy.  However, it is important to share that even though this is the case, each one of the healer/therapist already approached their patients and clients in a holistic fashion; the body, mind, and energy cannot be separated from each other.

_More to come_

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