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Professional Experience
1. Osteopathy 
2. Work with psychosomatic and phobias. 
3. Energy diagnostic and destructive programs check up (spells, curses etc).
4. Negative energy and entities removal. 
5. Luck programming for particular situations (signing contracts, job assignments, getting orders, any business related events). Treatment required to be done day before the event. 
6. Installation of  “lighthouse attraction» program for women. (To get attention from the man). Author’s technic. 
7. House, office, venue energy cleaning. Can be done in person or online. 
8. Installation of “Astral hand” program ( to attract people to the shop, office or restaurant). Author’s technic. 
9. Channels cleansing, pampering and balancing (money, work, luck, love, creativity etc). 
10. Work with karma and quantum healing (phantom pains relieving, work with demons, entities and breaking a contracts with them).

1. Osteopathy


2. Life circumstance clearing

Check friends, enemies, family members, business partners 
Who of the people surround you are beneficial and give supporting energy and who are draining your energy without that you are aware of it.

Consequently Stas can block, isolate negative people to the extent necessary for the client. 

3. Long distance wellbeing check

Stas can check upon ANY person in the universe except most Indian born people and talk about their mental state and wellbeing. He can also help these people remotely without their knowledge. Stas can also say if the people are in serious trouble, if they are dead or alive or if they are going to die soon. Stas can look back 7 years after a person has deceased and talk about their circumstances of death. 

4. Entity removal

Many people live with so called entities which are disembodied beings. These entities can be picked up randomly or they are sent by someone through black magic. Not all of them are evil. Nevertheless these entities can drain power, main somefeel feel dizzy, make you loose your lifes purpose or make you want to suicide. When most Shamans need big ceremonies to remove these entities Stas can do that in a few minutes without any outside ritual. 

5. Bad luck removal

When negative circumstances accumulate you may call it bad luck. We do not know where something is coming from even despite our best efforts. Things just do not work anymore. Stas is looking into the past, present and future of his clients and tries to find out what and who caused the problems. He can then interfere into the destiny of a person, remove blockages and clear all channels. It is then in the responsibility of the client to do the right steps for his/her own future. Sometimes temple cleasining rituals should go hand in hand with his work.

6. Death Corridor

Stas is not treating terminally ill patients when people expect a wonder healing. That would be in the realm of nonsense. However, many people are on a what he calls Death Corridor. It starts with bad luck, health issues, suicidal thoughts and finally leads to real death. Reasons for this can be many. After death corridor is removed the person would feel immediately better, things will work out again and energy in the body is returning. It is important to understand that a corridor of death cannot be removed by any kind of “healing” method like. Only the most powerful shamans can do that. Saying that Stas can also put bad shamans into a box if they did evil.

7. Anti addiction and special programs

After Stas has corrected the energy field of a person he can put special protection programs on his clients. This only works if a client really wants it, to do it for a third person (exmaple father for the son) is hit and miss. 

His special programs work for addictions like smoking, alcohol, drugs.
People who annoy you will let you in peace.

In general during Stas treatment weeks it is advised people live low key, they should not act too much and should not interfere with their own ego during the process. People should stay calm and mostly try to observe life. Sometimes people tend to freak out if things get a little turbulent but should stay calm and let him do the work.

I am just blown away by my session with staz! I came to heal the chronic tension in my shoulders and neck (15years of suffering) 
What came up and have been released was just not something that I could have ever known or imagine. 
His intuitive ability and knowledge of the body is impressive. 
I now have no more tension on my shoulders and neck and feel a sense of lightness and freedom. 
Staz is a true healer, and could not recommend him enough to everyone!

Anonymous, French, 34 years old
I am absolutely impressed by the reading and tuning up that Staz gave me. I was absolutely shocked at how I could feel the unusual shift after my intake session and how accurate he was. I am impressed with his work and after 80 years of living on this planet, seeing many different people from all walks of life, it's refreshing to have received the special treatment and clearing. The effective treatment and clearing that Staz has given me, in that 1 hour after the session, I did feel very sleepy and after one nap, I could feel in alignment and much lighter, taller, and balanced. I look forward to all the changes in the coming few days and weeks.

Bill Rikards, USA, 74 years old
My session with Stas was truly remarkable.
His approach is energetic work as well as substantiated body work .
With his extensive experience and knowledge, he finds the root cause of your 'issue’.
After a long search for my physical problem,he was able to help me in 2 sessions !
I also felt a huge difference emotionally, psychologically and physically afterwards.
Really exceptional how he knows the core of the 'problem' so fast !!
I am impressed by this exceptionally humble personality!