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Daisy Polak

Holistic Bodyworker; Fascia Healing and Energy Balancing via the Body

Daisy is AMAZING. I do work with her very often and every time its a BREAKTHROUGH. Thank you Daisy 

Luka Lah - 31 Slovenian

Daisy is AMAZING. I do work with her very often and every time its a BREAKTHROUGH. Thank you Daisy 

Luka Lah - 31
I went past Maja Healing a few times and this place always called my name. Until recently a good friend of mine shared her experience and I went to book my first session with Daisy. The first 1.5hrs, she massaged the areas that were in pain with a stone - it was slightly uncomfortable but I could feel that the tension went away 

The second part of the session, she did what's called Energy Clearing & Chakra Balancing and it blew my mind. I've never experienced anything like this before and this enabled me to release suppressed emotions that were linked to my childhood traumas which was actually the root cause of my recurring pain.

The next day after my session, I felt so light grounded and more connected with myself.

I highly recommend Daisy for anyone looking for a Body Work Therapist. She is a sweet soul and I am looking forward for my second session with her again next week


I had my second session with Daisy and it was amazing. I finally understood the root cause of my pain which was primarily linked to suppressed  emotions and childhood trauma. 
My migraine and nerve pain from right lower back to knee have fully healed. Daisy also guided me to integrate some new habits/routines to better navigate my emotions. 

Debby - 29 

Daisy is the Marie Kondo of body healing - she will help you clear whatever physical tension and emotional clutter stored in your body and it is life-changing. Before my first session with Daisy,


I had tensions around my neck and shoulders that have built up over decades, as well as suffering from migraines. With her special stone, Daisy works her way through every inch of your body, from your toes all the way to the top of your head, and you discover areas of your body that you never would have imagined would hold that much tension. All the while, Daisy reads into all the emotional and psychological issues hidden behind every knot like an open book. It's intense, both on a physical and emotional level and eventually, the blockages loosen up, tensions release and energies shift.


It feels like Daisy clears up space in my body, regaining mobility in certain areas that were locked up and I feel more grounded and open. Daisy is a kind, caring, wonderful soul, with a unique gift and I feel truly blessed to have met her on my healing journey.

Melinda Blanchot - 48

This lady is absolutely AMAZING!


I have done two sessions with Daisy – in the first session, she removed blocked energy with a healing sone and cleared my energy channels. There were times when it was a little painful as Daisy removed the blockages but her wonderful sense of humour got me through it, and the benefits are sooo worth any pain.


In the second session, Daisy worked on releasing blocked emotions from my energy centres – it’s an incredible sensation when the trapped energy is released and I could literally see the darkness coming out of my body. I now feel lighter and cleaner, and that I have more ‘space’ in my body for positivity.


I can’t recommend Daisy highly enough!


Clare Hampton

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