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Hypnotherapy FAQ
Maja Healing

  • What should I bring?
    Nothing but yourself, a pen and an curious mind. Past participants have brought a sweater/cardigan as the A/C will be on, and their favorite drink.
  • Will there be snacks & water?
    Yes, there will be snacks and water! We try our best to make the snacks so that they accommodate everyone's requests. We also provide coconut water every day, and you have access to a kettle to make your own hot water should you need to.
  • Is lunch included?
    No. There is an hour break on Saturday and Sunday for lunch. There are various restaurants around Maja Healing. Popular choices within walking distance include Warung Dua & Bucu. Closer (but easier to get to by bike/car) include Remix and Nook. If you wish to bring your own lunch, you are most welcome to eat at Maja and use our kitchenette and utensils.
  • How should I expect to feel Saturday night?
    This truly depends on the participants - some may feel like they wish to retreat to process and integrate. Others will feel a desire to connect with others. This will depend on what is uncovered during Day 1.
  • How should I expect to feel Sunday after the workshop?
    We aim for you to leave with a sense of empowerment, excitement, and ligthness! Past participants have returned to meet their friends, others to theirs partners to share what was uncovered, others have chosen to retreat inwards.
  • What if I feel I uncover surprising elements during the workshop? How will I be supported?
    Kartika and Chris are aware of the experiences participants go through during a transformative process, so they are prepared to support and accommodate you. Please also know that to best support individuals who need to dive even deeper in an personalized one-on-one session, Chris and Kartika will suggest and arrange for this. Please do use your Maja Workshop Code to receive 10% off for any of the sessions at Maja!
  • I joined as a "couple", but my partner cannot make it! What do I do?"
    Please write directly to Chris!
  • Terms and Agreement to joining this Workshop
    - There may be photos, videos or audio recordings of the facilitators. If you do not consent or agree to having any pictures/videos/audios recordings of you, please let us know so we can accommodate this as we fully respect your privacy. - Your space is held for 24 hours and will be fully reserved and confirmed only upon receipt payment or proof of transfer of your payment (cash, credit card, or bank transfer). - No refunds will be possible within 2 weeks of the workshop's start date. - If you join as a couple/partner and one of you should need to cancel/not attend, the rate for the attending individual will revert to the fees stated as Early Bird or Regular as listed here.
  • How can I join?
    Please click here and follow the instructions! A gentle reminder to complete payment within 24 hours to reserve your seat.
  • How can I find out when the next Online or In-person workshop is taking place?
    Generally, Chris and Kartika plan for a workshop every quarter. Please follow our Instagram page for any updates or join our mailing list to stay updated for our next online or in-person workshop!
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