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Inner Masculine-Feminine Transformation Workshop 

With Chris Vogel & Kartika Alexandra

Transform Into 2022 Here!

Calling individuals & couples

who are looking to significantly increase

their level of awareness, sense of purpose &

quality of relationships.


This 2-day workshop series will first introduce and create the foundation for you to understand these two fundamental internal energies you carry within you.  You will then discover and deep dive how these two internal energies of yours impact everything in your life - your decisions, your partnerships, your business, your mistakes, your successes, and your future.

In this workshop, Kartika and Chris bring you the knowledge, exercises, tools, and hypnosis journeys to help you get to know, to connect & to understand your Masculine-Feminine energies so that you may feel significantly empowered to live the life you desire.

The next workshop is being held on April 9-10, 2022 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm at Maja Healing


Join this transformative workshop by clicking here.

What is this workshop?


"The Inner Masculine & Feminine Workshop led by Chris and Kartika was an incredibly illuminating experience for me.

It brought me to a new depth of self-understanding and empowered me to take full ownership of my healing and re-balancing. I immediately saw improvements in my marriage, intimacy, relationship to work + productivity, and friendships.

I can actually FEEL the energies moving within me and am getting much better at softening into my feminine.


I'm super grateful for this workshop because I know it will continue to reveal itself for years to come. This is a lifelong journey that can truly change the world if we are courageous enough to dive in and really meet ourselves.

Thank you Maja Healing for spearheading this experience!"

- Kelly W.

Why Join?

Why would you want to join this workshop?

To better know & understand yourself.

  • Regardless of whether you are female or male, you possess these two parts within.  It is with these two parts that you interact with yourself, your experiences, and the entire world at large - whether you are parents, CEOs, doctors, students, lovers, or friends.

  • When you better understand yourself, you can better respond to experiences, discover your purpose & grow your inner power.

Mature Woman Closed Eyes

To have significantly healthier and more nourishing relationships - with yourself & others.

  • The way you relate to yourself ripples out and affects the way you relate to others.  Working on this relationship is one of the most profound ways to increase your quality of life.  Thankfully, this is where you do have control & power.

  • Most of your unconscious tendencies that cause intra-personal and interpersonal mental, emotional & physical tensions can be traced to an imbalance within these two internal energies.  The partners we choose, the friends we keep, the behaviors we carry out... Bringing them into a healthy balance allows you to feel a profound feeling of empowerment and control over your life.

Loving Couple

To better enjoy your life!

  • Whether you are looking to create a thriving business, relationship, or increase your quality of life, knowledge and awareness are integral.  Bringing out of the unconscious and into the conscious your Masculine-Feminine energies and how they are in balance or out of balance within you allow for this to take place.

  • Even though these two fundamental energies influence and impact every part of one's life, rarely are we taught how consciously work with them in a way that supports, nourishes and allows us to thrive in our relationships and in our life.  Bringing these two parts back into balance is what nearly all therapy and healing work is focused on achieving. 


Five signs your Masculine-Feminine energies are out of balanced:

Out of Balance?
  1. You struggle to create a healthy relationship with yourself.

  2. You find yourself attracting the same (unhealthy) types of friends, colleagues and/or lovers into your life.

  3. You are feeling confused and/or trapped as to what is a healthy or unhealthy response to events in your life.

  4. You see there are unwanted patterns in the way your current/past romantic relationships develop

  5. You find yourself repeatedly feeling burnt out.

Why M-F are important

Why understanding your

inner Masculine-Feminine energies

is even important:

Whether you are aware of this or not, 

every single part of your life is deeply influenced by your inner Masculine-Feminine energy.

This includes your business, your relationships, your health, your creative/sexual/life-force energy, your behaviors/reactions, who you are attracted to, who you are repulsed by, your successes, your failures, your personal practices, and more.

When these two energies are in balance, you will tend feel a sense of inner calmness, joy, freedom & clarity.

When these two energies are out of balance within you, you tend to feel a sense of overwhelm, chaos & depletion.  This naturally tends to ripple out into your relationships, business & health.

This is why you are inevitably bound to discover these two energies and how they play a role in your life, irregardless of whether you are focused:

  • on creating a thriving, healthy and quality relationship with another

  • on creating a successful, sustainable and impactful business

  • on your own healing, mental/physical/emotional/spiritual health & well-being

Only upon making these energies conscious within yourself will you realize how the Masculine-Feminine energies have been unconsciously steering your life.


Five signs your Masculine-Feminine energies are out of balanced:

  1. You struggle to create a healthy relationship with yourself.

  2. You find yourself attracting the same (unhealthy) types of friends, colleagues and/or lovers into your life.

  3. You are feeling confused and/or trapped as to what is a healthy or unhealthy response to events in your life.

  4. You see there are unwanted patterns in the way your current/past romantic relationships develop

  5. You find yourself repeatedly feeling burnt out.

What can you expect to walk away with by joining

this transformative workshop?

  1. Practical knowledge on how to you may be unconsciously impacting all your relationships (especially your romantic relationship), and on how to increase the quality of these relationships.

    1. ​Increased self-awareness and understanding as to what drives issues.

    2. How your imbalances within each trait of the masculine and feminine, and as a woman or man influence your partner.  

    3. Insights on why and you are able to attract certain partners.

  2. A completely new and clear system (created by Kartika and Chris) through which to explore where you are in your masculine and feminine energies.

    • You will have identified your balanced, wounded and toxic traits

    • You will have gotten comfortable with them so that you are able to address the wounded and toxic traits instead of letting them control you.

  3. Direct awareness and connection to how you personally experience your masculine & feminine energies.

    • This is possible through the hypnosis journeys you will experiencing in the workshop.

  4. Conscious tools to bring awareness and to balance your masculine & feminine energies

    • Techniques and steps to support you from leaving the balanced state and into the wounded/toxic state.  ​

  5. ​A Maja-created workbook containing all the knowledge.

    • Included within is the spectrum, other pertinent information, and a post-workshop 10-day integration process to allow for the processing and anchoring of this knowledge into every day life.

  6. Along with:

    • Significant increased self-knowledge​, awareness and self-confidence in how to respond to life, when making decisions and problem solving.

    • Magnifying your sense of purpose & inner power

    • Sharpening sense of intuition and clarity what you want in life.

Kartika Chris Maja Workshop

You will also be gifted a special code to receive 

10% reduction in price (before taxes) for all Maja Therapies

valid for 1 month

starting the day after the workshop is completed. 

What is Different About This Workshop?

  • A completely new approach to understanding the Masculine-Feminine energies

    • As this topic can sometimes feel abstract, we have created a structured and complete system to better grasp how these two internal energies can present themselves.

    • This new system permits us to better relate and internalize how our masculine-feminine energies show up.

  • 3-4 x Hypnosis Experiences

    • As we are driven by a holistic approach, we incorporate the subconscious part of the mind during the workshop.  Change and understanding is more profound when we work with both parts of our minds.​​

  • The Group Size is Intimate

    • We can still touch upon individual experience as we move through the topics collectively.

  • Body-Mind Exercises

    • We incorporate especially selected exercises that will allow you to fast track into getting in touch with your inner man and woman.

  • Chris's & Kartika's Extensive and Unique Background

    • The two facilitators combine their respective years of client experience & education together

  • Pragmatic & Practical Approach

    • While the concept may feel abstract, the material covered is presented in a pragmatic & practical way so that you can easily apply this to all the aspects of your life.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Individuals who ​want to:

    • transform themselves and step into a more evolved version of themselves. 

    • to understand and reduce their self-sabotaging behavior

    • who have done the intellectual work and find they are reaching a 'wall' in their healing process.

    • increase the quality of their relationships

    • have a clearer understanding of what is healthy and unhealthy behavior/reaction.s a 

  • Couples who want to:

    • step up their relationship

    • connect in a profound manner with their partner

    • create a deeper level of more intimacy

    • better understand each other and how to respond to each other.


Please only join if you are

ready to approach yourself with radical honesty!

What to Expect


"The wisdom and knowledge shared in the workshop was very insightful, and also having two very knowledgeable teachers like Kartika and Chris is priceless. I came in feeling lost and defeated especially about my career, and the workshop taught me to basically evaluate myself and my behavior towards certain things in life using the masculine-feminine spectrum...  this was the best thing I’ve spent money on this year. Thank you!

- V.


Details & Summary

DAY 1 of Inner Masculine-Feminine

Workshop Summary

  • Introduction to the Masculine & Feminine energies

  • Find out where you really are on the Maja Masculine-Feminine Spectrum - Balanced, Wounded or Toxic

  • Connect with your own Masculine-Feminine energy

  • Conscious & Subconscious journeys.

Upcoming Workshop Date & Details

Date: April 9th and 10th , 2022

Time: From 9 am to 5 pm at Maja Healing

What to Bring: Only yourself & a pen!  We provide the very rest:  all the knowledge, exercises, snacks and tea.


Please note: As this is intimate in nature,

limited seats available.

DAY 2 of Inner Masculine-Feminine

Workshop Summary

  • Exploration of how your Masculine-Feminine energies play a major part in your relationships

  • How social, biological, archetypal influences play a (surprising!) part in your Masculine-Feminine energies 

  • Steps and tools to bring into balance your Masculine-Feminine traits away from wounded/toxic. 

  • Conscious & Subconscious journeys.

Fees & Payment Details

Normal Price: IDR 5,880,000/person


Are you coming with your partner or bringing a friend? 

IDR 4,480,000/person or IDR 8,960,000/couple

All Prices Stated Include Tax

All Prices are still Covid-Discounted

* Payment Plans Available *


Your Facilitators

maja background_edited.jpg
Kartika Alexandra Inner man and woman workshop

Kartika is an internationally recognized integrative hypnotherapist, mentor & teacher who specializes in the subconscious mind & trauma healing.  Kartika works with clients on a range of issues with the sole aim to reduce the suffering and increase their quality of life.  She currently has a waitlist of several months, consults with different programs and platforms and is the founder & director of Maja Healing.  Read testimonials here.

Chris Vogel

Chris is a certified hypnotherapist and relationship coach. He has been working with people for over 20 years to help them overcome anxiety, depression and to find their way. 

Chris employs inner child, inner man-inner woman and tantra techniques in his work and is committed to leading his clients to live with purpose. Chris' unique and effective approach to working with couple's has him in high demand in Bali and online.

Read testimonials here.

  • What should I bring?
    Nothing but yourself, a pen and an curious mind. Past participants have brought a sweater/cardigan as the A/C will be on, and their favorite drink.
  • Will there be snacks & water?
    Yes, there will be snacks and water! We try our best to make the snacks so that they accommodate everyone's requests. We also provide coconut water every day, and you have access to a kettle to make your own hot water should you need to.
  • Is lunch included?
    No. There is an hour break on Saturday and Sunday for lunch. There are various restaurants around Maja Healing. Popular choices within walking distance include Warung Dua & Bucu. Closer (but easier to get to by bike/car) include Remix and Nook. If you wish to bring your own lunch, you are most welcome to eat at Maja and use our kitchenette and utensils.
  • How should I expect to feel Saturday night?
    This truly depends on the participants - some may feel like they wish to retreat to process and integrate. Others will feel a desire to connect with others. This will depend on what is uncovered during Day 1.
  • How should I expect to feel Sunday after the workshop?
    We aim for you to leave with a sense of empowerment, excitement, and ligthness! Past participants have returned to meet their friends, others to theirs partners to share what was uncovered, others have chosen to retreat inwards.
  • What if I feel I uncover surprising elements during the workshop? How will I be supported?
    Kartika and Chris are aware of the experiences participants go through during a transformative process, so they are prepared to support and accommodate you. Please also know that to best support individuals who need to dive even deeper in an personalized one-on-one session, Chris and Kartika will suggest and arrange for this. Please do use your Maja Workshop Code to receive 10% off for any of the sessions at Maja!
  • I joined as a "couple", but my partner cannot make it! What do I do?"
    Please write directly to Chris!
  • Terms and Agreement to joining this Workshop
    - There may be photos, videos or audio recordings of the facilitators. If you do not consent or agree to having any pictures/videos/audios recordings of you, please let us know so we can accommodate this as we fully respect your privacy. - Your space is held for 24 hours and will be fully reserved and confirmed only upon receipt payment or proof of transfer of your payment (cash, credit card, or bank transfer). - No refunds will be possible within 2 weeks of the workshop's start date. - If you join as a couple/partner and one of you should need to cancel/not attend, the rate for the attending individual will revert to the fees stated as Early Bird or Regular as listed here.
  • How can I join?
    Please click here and follow the instructions! A gentle reminder to complete payment within 24 hours to reserve your seat.
  • How can I find out when the next Online or In-person workshop is taking place?
    Generally, Chris and Kartika plan for a workshop every quarter. Please follow our Instagram page for any updates or join our mailing list to stay updated for our next online or in-person workshop!
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