Masculine-Feminine Transformation Workshop 

With Chris Vogel & Kartika Alexandra

This 2-day workshop series will introduce, rebalance, and activate the two fundamental internal energies we all carry within us: Our Inner Man & our Inner Woman.

Regardless of whether we are female or male, we possess these two parts of ourselves.  We interact with the entire world through these two parts - whether we are parents, CEOs, doctors, students, lovers, or friends. These two parts of ourselves, whether we are aware of them or not, impact the relationship to ourselves, to others, and how we show up in life.

Even though this is the case, rarely are we taught how to work with these two parts of ourselves in a way that will support, nourish and allow us to thrive.  Many times, we are unconsciously overly connected to one or another which creates internal, mental, emotional & physical tensions.   We may confused as to why we find ourselves in the same unhealthy patterns, or perhaps we wonder why we continuously self-sabotage our own success. 


Bringing these two parts back into balance is what nearly all therapy and healing work is focused on achieving.  In this workshop series, Chris and Kartika bring you the knowledge, exercises, tools, and hypnosis journeys to help you get to know, to connect, and to rebalance your inner man and woman so that you may feel empowered and more vitality in your life.

What you can expect to walk away with:

  1. Increased confidence in yourself, in making decisions & problem solving.

    • Identifying your wounds and toxic parts, getting comfortable with them, and addressing them instead of letting them control us.

    • Setting and maintaining healthier boundaries. 

  2. A significantly clearer, calmer & more connected relationship to yourself and others.

    • ​Increased self-awareness and understanding as to what drives issues.

    • Increased connection to your own intuition & creativity - this affects how you problem solve and respond to life as well.

    • Increased compassion & intimacy (and sexual energy) towards yourself and others.

  3. Powerful knowledge and how to use this knowledge to create the life you wish to experience.

    • To evolve into our next version requires a roadmap and steps.  We provide this!

  4. Clarity on how and why we attract certain people in our lives.​

    • Our imbalances within our masculine-feminine will seek to create the balance within our external relationships.

What is Different About This Workshop

  • 5 x Hypnosis Experiences

    • As we are driven by a holistic approach, we incorporate the subconscious part of the mind during the workshop.  Change and understanding is more profound when we work with both parts of our minds.​​

  • The Group Size is Intimate

    • We can still touch upon individual experience as we move through the topics collectively.

  • Body-Mind Exercises

    • We incorporate especially selected exercises that will allow you to fast track into getting in touch with your inner man and woman.

  • Chris's & Kartika's Extensive and Unique Background

    • The two facilitators combine their respective years of client experience & education together

  • Pragmatic & Practical Approach

    • While the concept may feel abstract, the material covered is presented in a pragmatic & practical way so that you can easily apply this to all the aspects of your life.

Who this Workshop Series is for:

  • Individuals want to transform themselves and step into a more evolved version of themselves. 

  • Couples are most welcome! This is for the couples who want to step up their relationship, connect deeper & create more intimacy

  • Those who wish to understand and reduce their self-sabotaging behavior

  • Those who have done the intellectual work and feel it is time to integrate.

  • Those who are ready to approach themselves with radical honesty.

  • Individuals who want to create a healthier relationship with themselves and others

Details & Summary


Discover & Connect with your Inner Man & Inner Woman 

  • First 2 days of the workshop where you learn the foundation of your inner masculine and feminine, how it affects your life, how your wounds are holding you back and more. 

  • Conscious & Subconscious work will be weaved in together to provide a clear and deeper understanding and experience of yourself.



Deep Dive into your Inner Masculine

  • A portion of the workshop will be focused solely on your inner masculine to understand how this central part of your energy can support you in having better relationship with all in your life - work, love, sex, family and more. 

  • Conscious & Subconscious Work specifically around your inner masculine will be provided.



Deep Dive into your Inner Feminine

  • A portion focused on your inner feminine to understand how this central part of your energy can support you in having better relationship with all in your life - your relationship to yourself, to others, to listening, to receiving, family and more. 

  • Conscious & Subconscious Work around your feminine will be be presented for you to welcome this energy.



Final Deep Integration

  • A closing experience to consciously and subconsciously integrate, empower and solidify your masculine and feminine energies.

  • This final integration will be the new self you will be interacting with yourself and the rest of the world with.



What will I need to bring?

Only yourself.  We want this to be an immersive experience.  This being said, you can bring a note pad & pen if you want to take notes.  We provide the very rest:  all the knowledge, exercises, snacks and tea (and a few gifts!)


Fees & Details:


In Person

Transformation Package

Designed to transform you by connecting you to your true self! This will leave you feeling internally strong, clear & living with purpose.

  • 2-day Workshop from September 25-26, 2021 from 9 am to 5 pm

  • Covers:

    • Discover & Connect with your Inner Man & Inner Woman

    • Deep Dive into your Inner Man & Deep Dive into your Inner Woman

    • Profound Integration of your Inner masculine and Feminine Energies

  • As this is intimate in nature, limited seats available 

EARLY BIRD: IDR 4,880,000/person (until September 15th, 2021)

Normal Price: IDR 5,880,000/person

Your Facilitators

maja background_edited.jpg

Kartika is an internationally recognized integrative hypnotherapist, mentor & teacher who specializes in the subconscious mind & trauma healing.  Kartika works with clients on a range of issues with the sole aim to reduce the suffering and increase their quality of life.  She currently has a waitlist of several months, consults with different programs and platforms and is the founder & director of Maja Healing.  Read testimonials here.

Chris Vogel

Chris is a certified hypnotherapist and relationship coach. He has been working with people for over 20 years to help them overcome anxiety, depression and to find their way. 

Chris employs inner child, inner man-inner woman and tantra techniques in his work and is committed to leading his clients to live with purpose. Chris' unique and effective approach to working with couple's has him in high demand in Bali and online.

Read testimonials here.

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