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Maja Healing's Story

Maja Healing is a holistic wellness space in Bali that brings together relatable healers & therapists to effectively facilitate your physical, emotional & energetic healing.

The Space

Maja Healing Before

The Story

Maja Healing is a holistic wellness space that brings together a wide range of powerful, effective and relatable healers & therapists.  Each one of them specializes in a modality that works through one of the elements of human - body, energy, or mind - while understanding the interconnectedness between them all.


Founded in 2017 by Kartika Alexandra,

the space was initially one large very run down room.  However, Kartika immediately knew this was to be the new office space to move her hypnotherapy practice into.

As Kartika began renovations, she did it primarily to support both the client and the therapist.  From the client's perspective, the space was created so as to allow her clients to feel comfortable & relaxed while still being in a professional space.  From the lens of a therapist, Kartika was already aware of how important the office space is to the work being carried out by the therapist.   Coming day in and out to the same place needed to energize and give her some enthusiasm.


Once the renovations were complete, several of Kartika's teachers and mentors came down to add and magnify the positive energy of the space in their own way so as to support the work being carried out there.

At the time, Kartika only needed one room for her practice and the second room was filled by an Indonesian healer whom Kartika had already worked regularly with.  Over the months, the space grew in energy, and it began to attract more healers and therapists.  They inquired whether they could practice and carry out their work from Maja as they were drawn to it.  From here, Maja Healing organically grew into a holistic wellness space, now utilizing both floors of the building, so that established healers and therapists can carry out their work.

Meaning of Maja Healing:

The name "Maja" in Maja Healing comes from the name of the tree in the back garden (pictured on the home page as well).  This tree, known as the Maja tree, was the only plant that came with the space when Kartika acquired it.  The Maja tree bears fruits similar to the look of a pomelo, though the Maja fruits are very bitter to taste.  It was only after having signed the lease did Kartika discover  that the Maja Tree not only has healing properties but also has a significant presence in Indonesian history during the Majapahit empire, a time also personally relevant to Kartika.

The Maja Team

Based on client observations, many feel that those part of Maja have a gift, strong intuition and/or some innate powers.  A key characteristics is that while they may have certain abilities, all those part of the Maja are all very relatable; in fact you typically would not guess they are doing the powerful work they carry out should you run into them outside of Maja.  Another characteristics is that all the people working from Maja work from their heart - the work they do is their calling, and it is part of their calling to help others experience more joy and happiness.

Maja Today

Maja continues to grow while staying close to its foundational values -

  1. creating a supportive and nourishing environment for therapist

  2. making healing accessible to people from all walks of life

  3. and making the therapy effective for the client.

Future Maja

We plan to expand by opening up similar Maja spaces around Bali, as well as offering a wide range of treatments to support all the types of people walking through our doors - no matter who they are.

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