Therapies & Treatment

What We Offer

Please see below for the available therapies

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Body Work Therapy

Holistic Somatic Body Work

Muscle and Tension Release

Lymphatic Drainage

Back Massage

Energy Work

Emotion Code


Rapid Healing

Shaman Energy Releases &

Psychic Readings


Reiki Treatment

Relationship Coaching

Coaching for Couples to get closer and more intimate as they work through issues and topics they wish to overcome.

Couple's Shadow



Treatment at your home/office


Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is a very powerful yet gentle alternative medicine, helping you reconnect with your inner being & soul. 

crystal healing.png


In partnership with Holistic Healing Hypnosis.  The process is powerful, holistic and transformative.

Therapy Session

Shadow Work

Overcome negative patterns, blocks and trauma through Shadow Work Therapy. The goal is to get to know your shadow parts so we can heal and balance them.



Counselling sessions with our Psychologist to support and  help you work through a range of psychological and emotional issues. 

Sitting on Couch

Tarot Reading & Horary Astrology

Ask a question or receive a general reading from our highly intuitive and pragmatic tarot reader and astrologer.