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Hypnotherapy with Kartika

Release & Overcome your issue at its root by accessing the power of your own subconscious. 

Most topics can be significantly reduced or addressed in 1-3 sessions. 

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Osteopathy with Jono

Osteopathy is a whole body system of manual therapy with the main emphasis on the structural integrity of the body. 
Specific hands-on procedures are used to identify where a patient's structure has been disturbed, then gentle manipulative techniques are employed to adjust joint and tissue imbalances, providing the correct conditions for healing and recovery to take place. 

Jonathan treats adults & children.

Contact +62-87-86-00-83-537

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Vibrational Healing with Samaya

I connect with your total existence, your truest essence and then work with the parts in you that is not aligned with that. 
I will assist you in the process of expanding beyond your illusions and all the things that is holding you back!
Most of all I will give you the tools on how to break through, heal, transform and integrate, so that you can start to live your life accordingly to your true nature. In that process I will see what you need to do that and combine the things that is necessary like deep organ massage, numerology, breathing techniques, breath work, movement therapy and customise the perfect yoga program accordingly to your process if needed!


Yoga & Hypnotherapy with Marie

- Coming Soon -