Maja Healing Therapists

kartika alexandra maja healing founder.J

Kartika Alexandra

Founder & Director of Maja Healing

Wellness consultant

Senior Holistic Hypnotherapist

Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist Hypnotherapy Teacher

Rapid Healing Sessions (Energy)

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Chris Vogel

Business Coach

Couples Coach

Holistic Hypnotherapist

Sport Consultant

More on Chris (soon)

Dr. Laura Widyanto

Tarot Reading

Archetype Reading

Holistic Hypnotherapist

Pak Joe


Treatment at your home/office

More on Pak Joe (soon)

Anais Pierquet

Crystal healing practitioner

Energy Healing

Aura reset

Samaya Behrens

Energy Work

Vibrational Medicine & Frequency Therapy

Soul reading & chi nei Tsang (deep organ massage)

Life force activation

*Currently overseas

Nova Hissy

Manager of Maja Healing
Holistic Hypnotherapist
Art Therapist

More on Nova (soon)
steph sargent maja healing.jpg

Steph Sargent

Director of Maja Healing

Senior Holistic Hypnotherapist


Yoga teacher

Daisy Polak

Holistic Bodyworker

Energy balancing & grounding

Fascia healing

More on Daisy (soon)

Christelle Langlet

Holistic Hypnotherapist

Emotion Code Practitioner

Sports Consultant

Bryre Roots

Ayurvedic Coaching & Sessions

Nutritional Consultant

Yoni Steaming & Coffee Enema

Sports Consultant

Pak Heru

Acupressure Energy Healing

Totok - traditional healing passed down by Shaolin monks

**Note: Though he continues to be part of Maja Family, he now practices outside of Maja.

Stas From Russia


Soul Reading

Energy Adjustments and clearings

Life Force Activation

Dark Energy Clearing

*session is with a translator


Lympathic Drainage Massage

More on GITA (soon)