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If you are a seasoned professional dedicated to integrity and holistic well-being, we would be honoured to welcome you into our Maja Healing family!
Situated on the beautiful island of Bali, our center stands as a beacon of effective and holistic healing. We warmly invite individuals who share our passion for healing to join our dedicated team of healers and practitioners. At Maja Healing, we take pride not only in our reputation for excellence but also in our commitment to cultivating a nurturing and collaborative environment where every member can flourish.  We are always happy to meet talented individuals who align with our vision and values, ready to embark on a transformative journey of healing and growth with us. If you are a seasoned professional dedicated to integrity and holistic well-being, we would be honored to get to know you more.
To be considered for an interview to join the Maja Healing team, applicants must meet the following requirements:
  1. Minimum of 5 Years of Successful Professional Practice: Applicants should demonstrate a proven track record of success and expertise in their respective healing modalities, with a minimum of five years of professional experience.  A successful professional practice is primarily determined by the delivery of high-quality work with consistent clients. 
  2. Established Reputation: Candidates must have built their own reputable brand and be dedicated to maintaining a high standard of excellence in their practice.
  3. Residency in Bali for at Least 2 Years: We seek individuals who have immersed themselves in the vibrant culture and serene beauty of Bali for a minimum of two years, embodying the essence of this sacred island.
  4. Comfortable Working in Teams: While applicants should be capable of running their own practice, they should also possess a collaborative spirit and enjoy working harmoniously within a team environment.
  5. Alignment with Maja Healing Values: Candidates must share and embody the core values of Maja Healing, including integrity, high ethical standards, professionalism, commitment to self-development, commitment to spiritual development, non-competitive in nature, and maintaining a heart-driven, holistic approach to healing.
  6. Able to contribute uniquely to the Maja Healing team & its growth:  This may be via the modality, talents, knowledge, and/or skills.  
  7. Client-Centered Approach: Candidates must display a client-centered approach, which means prioritizing clients well-being over everything else. This can for instance entail selecting the right treatment and therapist for the client’s issue, aiming to reduce client’s suffering as efficiently and effectively as possible while still applying a pace that ensures that the client feels safe.
If you find you met the above requirements, we look forward to the opportunity to connect with you.
We invite you to take the next step by completing the form below!
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